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Sisters. The Connection. You know who you are.

Are you a sister that shares a connection with your sister? Are y'all close to the same age? Are you y'all years apart? We all know it is a special connection most of time. Sometimes you may have nothing in common, but at the end of the day you have that one person you can chat with about how you grew up, what your parents did or are doing. You have someone to debrief and gossip with!  It is the best right?!

Well two sisters will take you through interviews with other sisters on everyday life. Have fun, listen, laugh, cry while we talk with others sisters! So sit back and enjoy these stories!


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Healthy Connection: Adoption and Parenting

At this point in our lives, Kait and I are very different. Twin sisters never start out exactly the same anyways, right? One big difference is Kait gave birth to her son one year ago. Also, one year ago I announced I was embarking in a journey to adopt a child. While there are a whole list of differences I can tell you, I have decided to dedicate this post to talking about the importance of healthy connection. Kait and I have been truly happy when we stay connected. We went through a few years that we were not truly connected to each other in healthy ways. We realized part of us was missing.  This was impacting our lives and actions.

So, I am adopting a child soon, and I have realized how important it will be to help this child understand their story. Also, I have realized the importance of connection and openness in adoption.

The world of adoption these days can be a hard topic to talk about for those who have little education about the modern day terminology, open adoptions, ethical…

Planting Seeds

"Planting seeds is okay and should be valued. As a leader I may not always see the flowers bloom, especially in communities that are still searching for sunlight." #WildflowerEnterprises

Our work for Wildflower Enterprises is all about connecting women. Kaitlyn and I learn lessons as we go forward with this work. 

These are four goals we strive for:

1. Empower women to advocate for their needs and health
2. Create safe and supportive spaces
3. Sustainability, meaning health in sustainable development for communities, building sustainable leadership for small groups, and sustainability regarding environmental care. 
4. Justice for those who have been victimized

With all of these goals in mind we strive to be open to the creativity and innovation that provides spaces for wildflowers grow in healthy ways. 

A lesson we are learning and one for any leader is:"Planting seeds is okay and should be valued. As a leader I may not always see the flowers bloom, especially in communities th…