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Becoming a Wildflower: Kait's thoughts on today

Some days you get a novel accomplished and you feel like a million dollars, and some days you sit doing nothing maybe just playing on your phone with no thoughts what so ever in your mind. Then some days you are just in between both. You get dressed for the day, grab something quick for breakfast, get to work casually get a little work done, come home and play on your phone or watch TV and order take out for the rest of the night. Which one describes you the most? I will say I was and still number three most days now a days. However, three or four years ago I was number one most days. I was really working for my career and made sure I looked like a million dollar professional before I left the house for work each day. I like the way I am now though. I still work extremely hard at work, and maybe we don't order take out as much as I think because I am cooking and trying new recipes quite a bit, but I have come to realize my job I have in corporate America isn't as valuable to me as my family. I get dressed to go out more when I go out with my hubby and my baby boy more than I do for work, and guess what I LOVE IT! I love my family.

I have been currently thinking about this, and comparing myself to how I feel different days, and how how I feel actually represents how I present myself each day. Thank you for reading "Becoming a Wildflower" My sister Kacie and I will be taking you through our daily lives as well as bringing back memories from the past. Sit back and enjoy. We promise you that you will smile, laugh, cry, learn something new and realize you are a wildflower too.

Ten years ago I would have never thought I would be working in the Human Resource Field in the same company my dad, aunt, and uncle have made living working for. I would have never thought that my husband would be working there as well. Actually, I have only known my hubby for nine years. Ten years ago Kacie and I were graduating high school and attending North Central College for our freshman year of college. We were young, and overall excited! At the time, we thought we were so old and mature, and thinking we were so cool to be walking through the city of Chicago. I love Chicago though! It is such a fun city, and I can not wait to take my little boy there one day when he gets a little older. Dad and step mom drove us up to our college dorm, and helped us move everything in. Then they left and there we were. I think dad was a little sad and nervous, but never showed us that. I actually only stayed at North Central for a year and half. Wow, I accomplished a big goal! lol. However,  after we studied abroad our second year in the fall of North Central I decided to stay with Adam in our home state, whom I met during the summer working part time at Best Buy, and guess what??! We got married shortly after, and we have been together since! They always say you will fall in love when you least expect it! Guess what! That is what happened! I changed my entire future around because I fell in love, and guess what. I am and was okay with that! I love Adam, and fast forward to nine years later we have lived in three different states, helped each become successful in our careers, have grown up in our twenties together, and we bought our first house and had a beautiful baby boy last year!

Advice for anyone who thinks they have it all figured out, life throws you in unexpected situations! So enjoy the ride, people come in your life like Adam entered mine and the most unexpected times. Some how you will always truly know who these people are. You learn who the people are you live for! Honestly, there are only a small circle of people in my life who are important to me and I live for each day.


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