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Are you taking care of yourself today?

I just watched a youtube video where a celebrity said if you take care of yourself and you pay attention the better you will be. Think about this for a minute.. Now, this is so true. I have learned a lot the past seven years in my career on how paying attention is extremely important. I am going to take you through my opinion of the top five things you should do for yourself to feel success and love who you are.

Today I went to spend some time with my son, mother and cousin and her family. Remember to spend time with family when you can. We made lots of memories the three hours we walked around and spent time together. This is also not a normal night for me. Baby boy slept three hours today when we got back, and he ended up staying up till 9pm with me. Hubby went to bed at 7pm because he is going to go into to work around 3am. So I am sitting up here in our computer room drinking tea and eating biscoff cookies with both dogs laying at my feet, watching youtube videos and trying to figure out what to write about. I have decided to breakdown five things you should remember to do for yourself.

Number five:
Know what you are worth. You are worth a million dollars, and don't let anyone tell you are worth less than that. Don't let anyone ever control your life and tell you are worthless. I have met a lot of people in my life, and sometimes when I talk to people or perhaps train people, or interview people I can tell they do not realize how amazing they could be. Make yourself feel worthy and you will go through everyday with confidence, and you will discover unique aspects about your self that you never knew you could do. Know your worth, and walk through life with the confidence in showing other people you are worthy of so much. Some of the most successful people portray this in their lives. They walk through everyday with confidence. They speak up on what they believe, and they do not let people walk all over them

Number four:
 Know how to speak up for what you believe in. One thing I have learned from my husband is to not be scared to speak up. Through his career he has been successful, but he also speaks up when he believes something is not a good idea. You can let ten years pass by and never say a word about what you believe, and then wonder why you are still in the same place in your career, or wonder why things haven't changed. I can admit I have fallen into this trip before. Maybe not waiting ten years, but I have felt like I was never going to get promoted at work back in my early twenties. Now that I look back on those times. I realize I never spoke my opinion and I stayed in the background. Speaking what is on your mind not only gives people good ideas but it also shows you care. This can lead you on so many new career and life journeys by not staying shy.

Number three: 
Meditate. You can meditate in tons of different ways. Just make sure you are actually in a place where it is quiet, and no one can disturb you. 

Number Two:
Treat yourself with something expensive more than once a decade. You only live once, and you are allowed to spoil yourself! Get an expensive haircut, buy those jeans you have always wanted. The money you spend on treating yourself with something you can afford at the time as well as something you have always wanted will be money you will not regret spending. Why is that? Because what ever you treat yourself with I promise you it will make you feel amazing! 

Number One:
Call your grandparents. I love talking to my grandparents. We live several hours from them, but every time I talk to my grandmother I always feel a little better. They make me smile, and when I do go a few weeks with out giving them a call I truly miss them, and they are on my mind all the time. Little does my grandmother know, but she teaches me something new every time I talk to her.



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